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February 2018 Coach of the Month – Oscar Figueroa

SPUYSC selects Oscar Figueroa as our February 2018 Coach of the Month. Oscar was born in Metapan, Santa Ana, El Salvador. He came to the United States in 1983 to San Francisco, CA.

Coach Oscar played soccer at Mission High School where he graduated in 1987. He has been part of our SPUYSC family for many years.

Coach Oscar first coached his god son’s team, the San Pablo Tigers, in 1996. He started coaching only to help out the team.

Coach Oscar then created the San Pablo Falcons team in 1998 where his oldest son, Jorge Figueroa, played. The Falcons moved to Mavericks in 2000. They played with Mavericks until 2006. After many years, Coach Oscar return to SPUYSC in 2015 to assist with the U-7 San Pablo Real where his youngest son, Christian Figueroa, started to play. In 2016, part of the team moved up and he then created the San Pablo Falcons, continuing with his prior team’s name. Along with his oldest son, Jorge, together they coach the team.

Some of the tournaments and titles both Falcons teams have won are:
2002 Ajax Tournament in Modesto
2005 Adidas Cup in Oregon
Several 2nd place tournaments including Fresno and Clovis
State Cup competition with the first Falcons
2017 State Cup with the second Falcons
2017 2nd place Benicia Old Capital

A highlight for Coach Oscar is seeing the kids have a lot of fun, build confidence and discipline. He followed his first Falcons team with his oldest son Jorge until they graduated from high school. Now he is coaching his second Falcons team with his youngest son Christian, the players are 8, 9 and 10 years olds.

Coach Oscar states that a challenge for him is parents’ discipline. He states that discipline starts at home and if the players lack that at home, it’s hard to implement that in the field.

A huge success for Coach Oscar is that 100% of his 16 boy’s first Falcons team graduated from high school. 12 went on to college and graduated. They are all really good kids and years later, they still see him as a father figure. According to him, this has no price.

For his years of dedication, SPUYSC is happy to name Coach Oscar Figueroa as our February 2018 Coach of the Month.

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