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November 2017 Coach of the Month – Arnold Guzman

November 2017 Coach of the Month - Arnold Guzman

SPUYSC selects Arnold Guzman as our November 2017 Coach of the Month.

Coach Arnold was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and grew up in Ventura, CA. He played soccer for AYSO in Southern California when he was 12 years old and stopped playing when he was 16 years old. He has also played in men’s leagues and helped his brother coach his niece’s team.

Coach Arnold began coaching for West Contra County in 2012. He then moved to SPUYSC in 2014. He coaches girls and his team is the U-17 Wolfpack. His daughter, Alejandra Michelle Guzman, currently plays on the team. He currently has 28 girls on his team but there was a time when he only had five girls. Boris Martinez and Oscar Fernandez are two parents that are helping him with the coaching of the girls and Coach Arnold states that they are a family and they love to see the girls succeed and enjoy this beautiful game that we call soccer.

Coach Arnold states that one of his most memorable moments as a coach was when the team went to a tournament in Sacramento for the 1st time. It was their 1st experience. They had a great time because it was different than what they were used to.

He states there are many challenges in coaching a girls team. One main one is getting the girls to believe in themselves. They need to believe that regardless of being girls, they are capable of playing the sport just like boys, they just have to believe in themselves. Once the girls make a commitment, this is the start. When they continue to play and there is a consistency, this is what keeps them going.

Coach Arnold states that the difference between SPUYSC and other clubs he has been with is that SPUYSC gives every girl the opportunity to play. The doors are open for girls and there are scholarships available if there are financial issues. His team is a family, they truly are a Wolfpack and have each other’s backs. With the help of SPUYSC, his team started from the bottom but girls have been given the opportunity to play with no experience and they are growing as players. He has received so much support from the SPUYSC Board and they have helped his team come together. The girls are going to school and will make something out of themselves and when they are grown adults they will be able to say that it all started with a soccer ball.

Coach Arnold also states that the reason he started coaching was because his daughter’s team needed a coach and he offered to be their coach so the girls could play the season. He has truly enjoyed coaching for San Pablo for the last three years.

In October, Coach Arnold lost his beloved wife, Susie Helen Alvarado Lopez Zaragosa Guzman. It was tragic and unexpected for him, his daughter and the entire soccer club. Coach Arnold took a few weeks off but has returned to his team and the field and we are all so happy to see him back. Additionally, at the end of October, Coach Arnold’s team played in the Fremont Tournament and took 3rd place.

Coach Arnold is an amazing and dedicated coach with an incredible sense of humor. His presence alone brightens up the field. For these reasons, SPUYSC is proud to name Arnold Guzman as our November 2017 Coach of the Month.

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