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Become a sponsor today.

Let us take this opportunity to introduce you to San Pablo United Youth Soccer Club, established in
1993, the Club has a proud tradition of developing boys’ and girls’ soccer skills, as well as long history of
fielding competitive teams that enjoy success locally and regionally. The Club has had a positive impact
on the lives of San Pablo, Richmond, and Pinole youth, their families, and the community.

This year, for the first time, we are offering an opportunity to local business like yours to become Team
and/ or Club Sponsors. Your contribution will be targeted exclusively to lower the growing costs of the
clubs’ 300+ players, enabling them to fully participate in District Youth Soccer League games and local or
regional tournaments.

The San Pablo Youth Soccer Club is guided by a volunteer board or directors and dedicated parent
volunteers. However, we are different from some other soccer clubs; we are small nonprofit club that
does not receive any governmental or grant assistance. Our primary source of revenue is registration
fees paid by families.

Here are some ways you could help:
• $200.00 ensures a scholarship for a child to play recreational soccer this season
• $250.00 will buy 1 set of PVC goals or 1 set for corner flags.
• $350.00 will buy 1 set of nets for the big goals
• $1,000.00 will buy a season’s payment for one referee.
• $5,000.00 will buy a season’s soccer equipment for our coaches.
• $10,000.00 will pay for a season field rent.

In order to continue to make this a rewarding experience for our youth, we are reaching out directly to
area business, family, and friends, and offering the opportunity to help by becoming a team or club
sponsors! While any sponsorship level you select will be greatly appreciated, a donation of $500.00 or
more will earn you a Proud Team Sponsor Plaque with a photo of a team to display in your office wall, a
valuable marketing tool as well.

Please show your goodwill and kindness by mailing your monetary donation, payable to San Pablo
United Youth Soccer Club and mailing to PO BOX 6856, San Pablo CA 94806.

Thanks in advance for your generosity,