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4th Quarter 2017 Player Spotlight – Evelio Perez

4th Quarter 2017 Player Spotlight - Evelio Perez

SPUYSC is proud to introduce this quarter’s Player Spotlight, Evelio Perez. Evelio was born in Woodland, CA and grew up in San Pablo. He began to play for SPUYSC when he was 5 years old and played for 14 years. He played for the San Pablo Astro Brites, Dolphins and Cougars.

Evelio went to Sheldon Elementary and Juan Crespi Middle School. He graduated from Berkeley High School in 2009.  He is currently in his 3rd year at San Jose State University where he is double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Kinesiology and wants to go into the design of prosthetics.

Evelio does not currently play soccer but contributes to the community with his volunteer work in middle schools to encourage interest in stem by doing experiments, etc. with students. His father and mother are one of the key success of our club and our club is here because of them. They helped fund the club in its beginning stages and paved the way for us.

Evelio states that the club helped him with college. He has kept a close net of friends that he met while playing. The club and all the time he spent playing soccer also taught him to never give up when things get difficult.

SPYUSC is proud to highlight Evelio in our Quarterly Player Spotlight. Evelio is a product of our club’s core values and what we strive for all our players. We wish you continued success and feel free to come back anytime.

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