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Quarterly Player Spotlight – Marcos Manuel Floriano

SPUYSC is proud to introduce this quarter’s Player Spotlight, Marcos Manuel Floriano, also known as Chito. Chito was born in Richmond, CA and he is 25 years old.

Chito started playing with SPUYSC at the age of 7 years. He started with the San Pablo Earthquakes. Chito also played for the San Pablo Jaguars where his grandfather coached him, the Mavericks Aztecas, he played for Berkeley High School and currently plays for the adult San Pablo United team.

Chito attended St. David’s School, Ohlone Elementary, Manzanita Charter School and graduated from Berkeley High School. He attended Contra Costa Community College for 2 semesters. Chito currently works full time and plays soccer two times a week. He is pursing his passion of film making and photography.

In addition to continuing to play for SPUYSC, Chito currently assists with his little cousin Mateo’s team, the U-8 San Pablo Dragons. He also referees games.

In the future, Chito sees himself starting a family and being a full time film maker. His goal is to own a production company.

Chito states that soccer and sports are very important in developing one’s outlook in life. Soccer taught him how to be a leader and to work with a team which is vital in our society. It also taught him discipline.

SPYUSC is proud to highlight Marcos Manuel Floriano in our Quarterly Player Spotlight. Chito embodies dedication to our club and soccer, something we teach all our players. We wish you continued success.

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