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Player of the Month (July) – Franco Arellano Jr.

SPUYSC selects Franco Arellano, Jr. as our July 2017 Player of the Month. Franco is 10 years old and was born in Oakland, CA. He attends Berkeley Maynard Academy and will be going into the 5th grade. He began to play with SPYUSC at the age of 4 years old with our PeeWee Program. He then went on to play with the San Pablo Cougars, his current team, where he will begin to play U-11 competitive soccer in the fall. Franco plays with the #50 and #10 with the San Pablo Cougars which his father, Franco Arellano, Coaches.

Franco does not know what college or university he would like to attend but knows he wants to attend one near his home. He wants to become a professional soccer player and an electrical engineer. Franco loves to play soccer, weather it be with his team, assistant younger players or practicing with older players, his love and passion for the sport is admirable. For this reason, SPUYSC is proud to name Franco Arellano, Jr. as our 1st Player of the Month.

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