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Player of the Month (November) – Kimberly Moran

SPUYSC selects Kimberly Dennise Moran as our November 2017 Player of the Month. Kimberly was born in San Francisco and she is 17 years old. She attends Pinole Valley High School where she is a senior.

Kimberly plays for San Pablo United and her Coach is Martin Solano. She has been playing for the club since she was three years old. She has played for the San Pablo Pee Wees, San Pablo Dark Angels, San Pablo Astros and San Pablo Stars. San Pablo United used to be the San Pablo Lady Bears. Kimberly also currently helps coach one of the league’s U-10 girls teams and is one of the certified referees for the club.

Kimberly is currently applying for college. She just completed her application to Stanford University where she plans on attending as a pre-med student. She plans on being a surgeon in the future.

Kimberly maintains a 4.0 and has a majority of AP classes. She practices 3 times a week and plays about 2 games a weekend. In the winter season she also plays for her school varsity team.

Kimberly states that her most memorable soccer experience has been becoming a family with the club’s members and Board. She grew up playing with the league. They have seen her grow up as a person and player and she knows she can count on their support for anything.

For her devotion and many years in the club, SPUYSC is proud to name Kimberly Dennise Moran as our November 2017 Player of the Month.

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