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Player of the Month (August) – Ian Campos

SPUYSC selects Ian Campos as our August 2017 Player of the Month. Ian was born in Berkeley, California and he is 13 years old. He will begin his freshman year at Pinole Valley High School this coming 2017-2018 academic year.

Ian began to play soccer at the age of 7 years. He previously played for Richmond United. He began to play for SPUYSC when he was 10 years old. Our Club President, Rafael Torres, has been his coach for almost 4 years. Ian currently plays for the U-16 San Pablo United team.

Ian enjoys playing soccer and values his teammates and the friendships he has made. He believes that the most important thing for a soccer team is getting to know your teammates in order to have better chemistry.

Ian plans on attending either UC Berkeley or UC San Diego once he graduates from high school. He plans on majoring in either Robotics or Mechanical Engineering.

SPUYSC is proud to name Ian Campos as our August Player of the Month.

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