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May 2018 Coach of the Month – Osbaldo Garcia

SPUYSC selects Osbaldo Garcia as our May 2018 Coach of the Month.  Osbaldo was born in Mexico City.  He played soccer all his life.  He was in teams in Mexico and then in the U.S. he also played for a team named Xalostoc, which is the name of where he is from in Mexico City.

Osbaldo began coaching with SPUYSC two years ago and prior to that, he was a coach with Richmond Eclipse for a year.  He stated that he began to coach soccer because his son loved the sport and played with two of his friends at school.  Those two friends are currently in his team along with his son Leonel Garcia.  Osbaldo coaches the U-9 Aztecas Junior.  Some of the titles the team has won are the 2017 NorCal Fall Bronze Champion, 2016 Fall SPUYSC Recreation Tournament and the 2016 Summer Richmond Tournament.  Osbaldo fondly remembers when he first became a coach.  He states that players used to play for fun.  When he found out that his team had good soccer players, he decided to compete.  He states that the most challenging thing he has faced as a coach is for parents to understand his decision-making.  The majority of the parents would like to see their children to play but also for the team to win and as coach, he has to make decisions.  Osbaldo states that he has never had any challenges with the players.

Osbaldo is very proud of his players.  He loves what he does.  He has fun with what he does.  He enjoys seeing the children focus on sports and not other things.

For his dedication to his team and the love of soccer, SPUYSC is proud to name Osbaldo Garcia as our May 2018 Coach of the Month.

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